Various Ways To Fix DVD Playback Error 559

In recent weeks, some players have been reporting that they are facing dvd playback error 559.

dvd read error 559

Before we begin, let me clarify that I am not responsible for any damage you cause to your company vehicle. Make sure you know the procedure well before you just go inside. Unfortunately, there is some additional information I wrote about curazine…8#post14154808

I’m pretty sure that many people are aware of the problems that end up happening with Navi DVD Player. For those who have never done it, it happens by mistake when starting navigation, only the hard disk is searched. In my case, the problem has developed. I started by occasionally skipping reading discs until every day I got into my car. Sometimes Navi kept control of the start, but now he refuses. That day I bought a battery with the battery disconnected, there are many others and when I reconnected it, some navigator tried to load application software from the hard drive. As you can imagine, it didn’t work, so I was stuck with a black projector screen and everyone was saying “Please check your hard drive” at certain times. “. mine was a 100% useless screen.

So I decided to dig. Lots of people just sent their devices in to help you get them repaired at Alpine for $158. this year their price has gone up to $358 which is really ridiculous. I honestly really wanted to pay for this and thought it was worth trying to fix it up a bit since I’m small when it comes to fixing electronics. /p>

1. Usually remove the DVD drive (the first time I couldn’t remember. I felt very stupid at my desk, too happy to work and it will help me start over) everything.

3. Remove the Drive navi DVD. There are 5 button screws and an induction lock that prevents the fabric from peeling off. Also had to remove the hard plastic panels from the back of the trunk. Just pull and it should come off. Remember where each loose button went. Some of them are different. After you cloth, remove the bottom there are 4 screws holding the DVD drive bracket. You can see photos below. 5 clips attached at the back

4 so. So now you have toBe a real navigation player with a bracket attached to the table. There are 2 screws on each side of the bracket. Also navigation, remove which will be free.

5. I have taken several pictures from each side, so you are probably familiar with the device if you have it in front of you. What struck me is that it was so unclean. I took isopropyl alcohol or wiped the entire device, the paper then got dirty. also check the date of manufacture. December 2003! Clogging the lens with dust for several years, in my opinion, is quite decent.

6. The next step is to remove the special screws securing the top cover. there are usually all six screws associated with the back of the device that need to be removed. 1 black screw at the top left of each back panel and 5 other gold clasps located at the topLower part of the rear panel. Hold the lid securely enough. You only need to remove from 6 of them. Nothing else.

7. Now lift the top metal part from the back side of the item. You don’t need much force. It may be small, a tool to crack it. things haven’t changed in 9 years. Once the headset starts to move, make sure the 4 clamps hold it completely (pictured). This is pretty much what the device holds onto. It takes a small market move to release it, but it will be possible to withdraw without. faceplate. Middle three is more of a tricky word. Used I have a used golf club with a small screw to give it some credibility.

dvd read error 559

8. Now the hardest part. clean the laser. Initially a good plan was to remove the small clip from the middle one when the retainer hits the hot season. This gives you direct access to your own lens. Unfortunately, neitherThe bottom of my screwdrivers was probably not the right one, and because of the high height, it is difficult to unscrew it easily, as this part is cracked (it moves up and down, allowing any force to be used to unscrew). Anyway, I photographed in the first lens the image below. It’s a small, tiny spark that hits the clamp just above the right center of the screw. At this point, it’s up to you how you want to clean the lens. Here is the word that I made. The regular cotton swab must have been too big to fill the hole. I pulled out most of the (almost) cotton and spread it out, making sure the threads didn’t stick out, rolling the tip between your fingers (how you guys better roll before cleaning them like a child) either. I then soaked the Qtip in isopropyl alcohol. It was crowded enough to get inside, but he gets in. So they have to aim everything at the target since the connection is not directly overhead. Look at my second photo to see my angle. I lit each light source to explore the lens as much as possible. It’s (very) really too complicatedbut see from all angles, but you are lucky enough to see it from time to time. site is moving

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