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environmental troubleshooters minnesota

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Environmental Troubleshooting Company
Regional Troubleshooting Office
Regional Troubleshooting Office

Environmental Troubleshooters, Inc. is typically a local environmental consulting firm and therefore has a contract with our corporate health department in Duluth’s Andean Regional Offices for Eveleth, the Twin Cities, Elk City, Oklahoma and Odessa, Texas. We achieve good results for a wide range of Environmental enterprises for developers, industry, municipalities and governments. agencies. Our services include emergency call, abandoned site reclamation, environmental assessment, subsoil survey, remediation, environmental and industrial fume disinfection, Hydrovac tank and utility flush, sump, Hydrovac excavation and power line exposure, then access, pumping out vacuum trucks and base fuel. / Sludge collection, pre-demolition inspection, wetland demarcation, river rehabilitation and asbestos consulting.

Environmental Services


In today’s world of stringent environmental, health and safety regulations, most companies turn to private consultants to effectively understand and resolve their compliance issues.

A proactive approach to compliance can help you mitigate risks, reduce injuries andsave money. Environmental Troubleshooters (ET) are comprised of an experienced team of engineers, diamond experts, chemists, industrial hygienists and sales representatives who can solve complex problems and meet the tightest deadlines. /p>

ET offers not only evidence-based compliance solutions, but also practical business solutions designed to deliver cost-effective savings. Our approach is to work with you, the client, as a team to deliver services that meet your needs. We encourage innovative and flexible options; we help you comply with the restrictions and strive to provide you with superior service at the best price.

environmental troubleshooters minnesota

ET Services Include: Abandoned Field Remediation, Phase I & II Environmental Assessments, Spill Cleanup, Environmental Drilling, Blowout Reporting, Groundwater and Water Reclamation, Gas Tank Dismantling, Trout Creek Restoration, Mandatory Waste Assessment Beforedemolition, waste management, Mesothelioma – checking and monitoring the removal of asbestos by wind.


Environmental Troubleshooters serves Northland, Duluth Arrowhead, MN Superior WI MSA, Aitkin, Carlton, Cook, Douglas, Itasca, Koochiching, Lake and other St. Louis counties.

Service overview

In today’s world of complex environmental, health and safety regulations, many organizations seek one-on-one consultants to effectively understand and address their compliance challenges. By being proactive in every approach to compliance, you can limit risk, reduce disruption, and save money. ET is made up of an experienced team of contractors, geologists, chemists, hygienists, industrial and industrial administrators who can solve complex problems and complete the toughest assignments. We not only offer scientific advice on how to comply with legal regulations, but also practical solutions for companies that effectively reduce costs. Our approach is to work directly with the users, the client as a team, to provide services to ensureCompliance assessment to meet the new requirements. We are promoting innovative no-contract options to help you comply with regulations and strive to once again provide you with superior active services at the lowest cost.

ET conducts many complex geological and hydrogeological surveys using the push probe and other drilling products. Our push probe sampler collects long or inconspicuous cores for soil classification, contamination and measurement. Field diagnostic studies of soil samples allow you to immediately determine the boundaries of contamination. The Motivational Probe is a sampler mounted on a skid steer loader and is suitable for accessing most terrain. Groundwater samples can also be taken at any discrete interval using a Tygon pump and tube. Wells are eliminated by injecting clay surfaces with bentonite using an injection pump. Data
Data collected during geological and hydrogeological surveysThe surveys will be used to develop soil drilling for timber structures to obtain soil/bedrock cross sections, as well as to map the contaminant plume. Where groundwater monitoring is required, ET can facilitate the installation of probe monitoring wells. Well detectors make it possible to determine the direction of groundwater rise, hydraulic conductivity and provide a place for sampling groundwater for quarterly monitoring.

has experience in investigations from the simplest to the most complex. We distribute the order according to the respective needs. Investigative services also include assessment, groundwater sampling, geodesy, groundwater vapor receptor studies, risk assessment, natural attenuation tracking, groundwater flow modeling, and integrated capacity analysis. Our geologists and hydrogeologists have in-depth knowledge to conduct surveys in accordance with your requirements and government regulations.

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