How To Handle Ajax Xmlhttprequest Error Object?

You may encounter an error indicating the xmlhttprequest ajax error object. There are several ways to solve this problem, which we’ll talk about now.

XMLHttpRequest (XHR) products are used to interact with devices. You can get data from this URL without performing a full page refresh. This allows the best website to update only certain parts of the page without affecting user settings. XMLHttpRequest is certainly widely used in AJAX programming.

error object xmlhttprequest ajax

I created a simple AJAX-enabled WCF service based on the MSDN guide

[ServiceContract(Namespace = "AjaxWcf")][AspNetCompatibilityRequirement]s(RequirementsMode = AspNetCompatibilityRequirementsMode.Allowed)]public AjaxWcf{ [Operation Contract] Program    public string AssessString (string input)            maybe (input.Contains("1"))            returned "true";        returns false";    

Which works great because I’m building a js proxy and relying on the ASP.NET AJAX library to call it.

However, when I switch to jQuery to formulate the ajax() call, it ends up with an [object XMLHttpRequest] error

$.ajax(url: "AjaxWcf.svc/AjaxWcf/AssessString",    Type: "POST",    Data type: "Text",    Process data: erroneous,    data:input:input value,    errors:    function (message) $("#serviceResponse").html(message, to string()); Success: deliver (reply)     $("#serviceResponse").html(Response);    );

I looked around to see what could be related to this error and suggested changing the error delegate to further investigate the problem as a whole

How do I fix XMLHttpRequest error?

How to solve Flutter web developer error “XMLHttpRequest” when HTTP contact us causing “Error”. Just remember to replace all underscores with dashes.

Function (xmlHttpRequest, textStatus, errorThrown) xmlHttpRequest.status == 0)        come back to; // not really an error message    different    $("#serviceResponse").html(errorThrown);    ,

Microsoft JScript runtime error: Operation cannot bet be terminated due to error c00c023f.

How do you handle errors in AJAX call?

The absolute best way to pass this particular error from the server side (using PHP) to the client side is to send a header via an ajax request somewhere in the 400s (which literally always implies errors). Once the ajax request receives this, be aware that this will trigger your error function.

Apparently this is an IE9 only issue. Unfortunately, testing in Google Chrome so far has not resulted in web operations being triggered (the breakpoint has never hit). And I have the same problem [XMLHttpRequest object] when I use the old error delegate. I’m a little surprised by the lack of material, looking at a simple POST call combined with jQuery for a WCF service and wondering how much is missing?

error object xmlhttprequest ajax

Note. This produces jQuery 1.4.1, but as far as I could see, 1.7.1 still doesn’t call the WCF service.

How do I find error details in AJAX?

$. ajax({Type: “post”, URL: “/SomeController/SomeAction”,Success: execute (data, text)//,Error: function (request, status, error)notification (request.response text);

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