Various Ways To Fix The Source Code Of Event 478 Ese

If you’re getting an event ID 478 source ese error, today’s blog post should help.

Every backup that failed because I tried most Microsoft solutions with this error removed Symantec Mail Security and Local Joint Client. I even tried your local ntbackup win2k3…

Information Store (2904) The page stream from which file “N:Program FilesExchsrvrmdbdatapriv1.stm” was read at address 582627328 (0x0000000022ba3000) 4096 for (0x00001000) bytes failed due to an error checksum form incompatibility. The expected checksum was 2996872380 (0xb2a0a4bc), so the actual checksum was previously 2996872376 (0xb2a0a4b8). The read operation fails with error -613 (0xffffffd9b). If this happens again, restore the database, including the previous backup.

“Microsoft Information Store” returned “Error returned by large ESE(d) function call”.

” from any call type to additional document “HrESEBackupRead()” – “Microsoft Information Store” returned “Error enrolled from ESE(d) call.


Process: Backup
Active Backup Destination: File
Media Name: “Online_Normal.bkf created on 7/2/2007 03:37 PM in shadow”

Create volume copy: Attempt 1.
Backup “ARNMMSG1Microsoft Information StoreFirst Storage Group”
Backup set #1 on media #1
Description ‘saveset: Created July 2/2007 15 :37″
Media name: “Online_Normal.bkf Created on 07/02/2007 15:37”

Backup started on 02/07/2007 at 15:37.
ARNMMSG1Microsoft Information StoreFirst Storage GroupMailbox Store (ARNMMSG1) folder
D:Exchsrvrmdbdatapriv1.edb< br >< span color="#ff0000">“Microsoft Information Store” returned “Error calling ESE function (d)”.

event id 478 source ese

‘ from a new call to ‘HrESEBackupRead()’ more info’ – ‘Microsoft Information Store’ returned ‘error from email ESE function (d) returned .

‘ from ‘hresebackupread()’ additional data call ‘-‘
Operation completed.
Backup was performed on February 07, 2007 at 15:45.
Directories: 0< br>Files: 1

Duration: 8 minutes 29 seconds

I reinstalled the SBS 2003 server. At first I got an error and the swap didn’t really work. After many and after trying to restore through an old backup, I restored one. Namely eseutil /p. Everything went well. The first backup was scheduled last night and failed in the exchange. BelowWorkshop ID shown. One thing I haven’t done and I’m thinking of keeping is the incredible defragmentation of the database. Perhaps such a problem.

As you can see, the nature of the pub1.stm file error is questionable. Should I use eseutil /p for database only.

What would be the best solution for this. This is a brand new server, so I don’t expect hardware issues in the morning, but people can’t rule it out. I can try to do a review when the time is up to be honest. I also don’t think this is the way to have problems with third party software.

Datastore (4176) First storage group: error (-613) good backup (file database C:ProgramsExchsrvrmdbdatapub

Information Store (4176) The streaming page is usually read from the file “C:Program FilesExchsrvrmdbdatapub

1.stm” at (0x0000000000890000)8978432 for 4096 (0x00001000) bytes, validation failed due to blog checksum mismatch. ). The read operation may well fail with -613 (0xfffffd9b). please allow the database from the previous post.

I have a problem with Mail Essentials and Mail Security Help

on an Exchange 2000 server. Excluding attempts to access the Internet

Backup, no other issues. I am getting this error

When I run an online backup using the Microsoft Backup and CA options

event id 478 source ese

Event Type: Error
Event Source: ESE
Event Category: Logging/Restoring
Event ID: 478
Date: 03/06/2003
Time: 5:58:41 User PM: N/A Computer: Description:
Information Store (3724) Streaming page from file
“D:Program FilesExchsrvr mdbdatapriv1.stm” at offset 2680250368
(0x000000009fc16000 ) to support (0x00000e31) error detection 3633 bytes
due to page checksum – Mismatch. The expected checksum was 2407712137 (0x8f82c589)
and the actual checksum was 4289638099 (0xffaeaed3). • Reading
definitely fails with error -613 (0xffffffd9b). If this
state persists, restore the database from some previous

According to GFI technical support, this is well knownNo problem, and Stow
is not actually corrupted. I was told that if I uninstalled Mail Essentials,
this error would persist. I will find Sunday free. Otherwise
I’ll make a recovery. I will uninstall both free programs
and go back to the unattractive version 5.0 because that version also has some nice features… it doesn’t work without messing up my IS Exchange.
Anyway, I just want to know what other users think about mail.
Take care of the essentials/safety as much as possible. I tried to stop your GFIScan process and close the items. i

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