The Easiest Way To Fix HP Error 8150 79

If you are seeing the hp 8150 Error 79 error on your PC, this guide will help you fix it.

If the affected printer displays “Maintenance Error 79” (a common error for HP printers) on the LCD screen, follow these steps: Locate the power button just below the device. Set the switch to with and COUNT to 10. Turn the printer back on and the specific system should be fully configured.

Laserjet 8150, Error 79.00FE And Also X

How do I fix Error 79 on HP printer?

Turn off the printer, wait at least 30 seconds, then turn it back on and wait for it to initialize.If you are using a surge protector, remove it and plug the printer directly into one of our electrical outlets.


I keep seeing and hearing about an issue where *certain* Apple Mac printing applications with an OS 10.4 back button cause our LaserJet 8150 to display error 79.00 FE, which then requires the printer to be restarted in order to complete the repair of failed printer servers. I’ve been running the latest firmware on the printer lately, so the Jetdirect card.

Based on my research, this is a fairly common problem when printing from a Mac to 8150 printers – with a lot of subtlety between HP and Apple.

None of these old discussions resulted in a decision, except when people swore they would stop buying HP printers.

to meI wonder if anyone has found a solution to this problem below.


Printer Error Code 79.00FE


To resolve Inkjet error 79.00FE, you must first copy the configuration page. Then remove your own Jet Direct and enable it by holding down the Go button on the side of the printer. Once the display expands, the reset process is complete. After a cold boot, remove the direct board from the board and see if this error 79.00FE goes away. If a major 79.00FE occurs before any actions are sent, it could be DIMMs. Try deleting them to see if the error persists. Decided

I Don’t Know Why Though… I Have

I have a new same error, but the error came up every time something was printed to help you print. Regardless of document type or operating system precision.

After a hard cold reset, I changed the config to match the Ex config. Nothinghasn’t changed.

I disconnected and re-inserted all memory, unplugged and re-inserted the JetDirect card, looked at the difference #

I changed the internet protocol address in the configuration, deleted and re-created the printer network share with its new IP address, and now it works fine.

Just posting this for anyone looking for a great solution. Scope=”col”>Message

What does this mean What to do ERROR 62.X There is a problem with the printer’s memory. The value of X refers to the location of the crisis: 0 = internal memory 1 if needed, 4 = DIMM slots 1, 1 . 5, 3 or 4

1. Reinstall the supplied DIMM. 2. Replace the specified DIMM 64 PRINTER ERROR alternates with POWER OFF Analysis Buffer Found 1 error. Turn off the printer type, then turn that printer back on. 2. Perform an unusual cold start. 3. If the message persists, please replace the format module or DIMM firmware. ERROR 66.XX.YY [type] alternates with CHECK CABLES AND POWER OFF Happened aboutAn error has occurred in the external paper handler. 1. X = device number in line X = device type 1 in 2 out 3 stapler/stacker YY = device error Press GO to delete the message. If the message persists: 1. Turn off the specific printer, then turn on any printer. 3. Check the reinstallation and therefore all cables between the printer and the specified device. 4. Reinstall one of our external paper handling units. 5. Replace, I would say, the device. For 5si, 8000, 8100 access to the C-Link connector. Also pay attention to the external paper handling PCA 68 NVRAM debug settings An error has recently occurred in the printer’s Non-Volatile Memory (NVRAM), causing one or more printer settings to be reset to factory defaults
1. Print a configuration page and review the printer settings to see what general values ​​have changed. 2. While holding down the JOB CANCEL button, turn on the printer normally. Does this clean up NVRAM by removing old areas that are not being used? 3. Replace the formatter.

68.X PERMANENT MEMORY ERROR alternates with CHECK SETTINGS An error has occurred in the printer’s permanent memory. At least one or more printer settings have not yet been reset to factory settings. Print a specific configuration page and review the device settings to see what values ​​have changed. 68.PERMANENT x MEMORY FULL Printer permanent memory is full. Some settings may have been reset to factory defaults.
1. Print a configuration page and look for printer settings that have changed. 2. While holding down the JOB CANCEL button, turn on the laser printer. This cleans up persistent storage completely, removing old segments that aren’t actually used. PRINTER ERROR 69.X alternates with infinite loop POWER TO CONTINUE A temporary printing error has occurred. X Description: 0 = Duplex engine error
1. Turn off the inkjet printer, and then turn it back on. 2. Reinstall the duplex moduleprint. different. Replace the duplex unit SERVICE 79 [XXXX] An error has occurred in the inkjet printer.
1. Touch CANCEL JOB to delete the print job directly from the printer’s memory. 2. Turn off a specific printer, then turn my printer back on. 3. Try printing from another application. When the job is printed, go to the first application and see how to print another file. (If this message only appears with certain applications or print jobs from the software, contact the software vendor.) Connect to a network printer or computer. 5. Turn over the printer. 6. Remove all DIMMs and third-party DIMMs from the printer. (It is not necessary to remove the DIMM firmware located in the lowest DIMM slot.) 7. Remove all EIO devices from the printer. 8. Turn on the printer. looking for. If the error disappears, install each DIMM and device one at a time, turning the printer off and on several times as you install.ovy almost every device. 10. Replace the DIMM or EIO device if you find the cause of the error again. 11. Be sure to reconnect any cables connecting the printer to the network or to another computer. 12. If the error persists, replace the DIMM firmware. 13. Replace the formatter.

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