How Can I Fix Hypercam Error When Opening AVI File?

In this user guide, we will discover some possible causes that can cause hypercam error when opening an AVI file, and then we will show several possible solutions to this problem.

  1. Download all AVI recovery software from a Windows computer on which the AVI file was created by HyperCam 1.
  2. Install the computer software on the system and run it successfully.
  3. On the main screen, you just need to click the Browse button to select an error when viewing an AVI video.
  4. When you find the desired AVI file, click the Restore button.
  5. The software will parse and adjust

  • Windows 10 version 1607 and later
  • hypercam error opening avi file

    If you don’t already have an official EFS DRA document, you must create one and remove it from your system before the public can use Windows Information Protection (WIP), formerly known as Enterprise Data Security (EDP) measures, in your organization. As you can see, for the purposes of this section, we are using the file name EFSDRA; However, this name can be replaced with any monetary value that makes sense to you.

    Write The EFS DRA Certificate Manually

    1. On a laptop without an EFS DRA certificate configured, opencommand line with elevated privileges, then navigate to the rrn you want to store in our own certificate.

    2. Run this command:

      EFSRA Encryption /r:efsra

      Where is the name of the .cer and .pfx files that you want to allow.

    3. hypercam error opening avi file

      When prompted, enter your username and password to secure the new PFX (Personal Information Exchange) file.

      EFSDRA.cer files as EFSDRA.pfx will be created in the folder specified in step 1.


      Because the private keys of your .pfx files can be used by DRA to decrypt any .wip file, it’s best to secure them properly. We strongly recommend that you keep these files offline, store clones on a soundproof smart card for normal use, and send copies to a safe and convenient location.

    4. Add your DRA EFS certificate to your WIP policy using deployment software such as Microsoft Intune or sometimes Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager.


      This certificate can usually be used in an Intune for Device Enrollment (MDM) and Deviceless Enrollment (MAM) policies.

    Make Sure Your Data Recovery Certificate Is Properly Configured On The WIP Client

    1. Find or share a file encrypted by Windows with Information Protection. For example, you had the option to open an app in the Apps & Zoom list, then create a file and optionally save it to be protected by WIP.

    2. Open an app from the Ultimate Protected Apps list, then create and save a file to encrypt it with WIP.

    3. Open an elevated command prompt, navigate to the location of the file you just created, and run the following important command:

      cipher /c file name

      Where filename is the full name of the file you built in step 1.

    4. Make sure the restore trusted data certificate is above the list of restore certificates.

    Get Important Information With An EFS DRA Certificate When Testing Your Environment

    1. Copy the encrypted noteMove the WIP to a location where you can get admin access.

    2. Install the EFSDRA.pfx file, use its password.A

    3. Open an elevated command prompt, navigate to the protected file, and run the following command:

      cipher /d encrypted file.extension

      Where encrypted file. extension is the full name of your encrypted file. For location corporateddata.docx.

    Restore Secure WIP After Unsubscribing

    You can revoke data from a great unregistered device and then restore everything. This could be in the case of returning a missing device, or if an unregistered employee is expected to log in again. If an employee logs back in with all the original user profile and the revoked main memory is still on all devices, all revoked information and facts can be restored immediately.

    1. Ask the affected employee to log in normally on an unregistered device, quickly open a command with elevated privileges and enter %localappdata%MicrosoftEDPRecovery:

      Robocopy "new_location" ( empty ) /EFSRAW

      Where “new_location” is in another service. This can be an employee’s device or a shared file on a computer running Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012 and later, available after logging in as a Get Statistics Agent.

      To start Robocopy in S mode, open Task Manager. Click “File” > “Run a new task”, enter the command as usual, then click “Create this case as an administrator”.

      If an employee did a clean install there, and often there is no user profile, you need to restore the keys in a folder on the system volume on each drive. Type:

      Robocopy "drive letter:System Volume InformationEDPRecovery" "new_location" - /EFSRAW
    2. On another device with administrator credentials that can help you with your organization’s certificate, sign in and finish decrypting and restoring the files by typing:

      cipher.exe /D "new_location"
    3. Ask the employee to sign in to the device and enter:

      Robocopy "new_location" "%localappdata%MicrosoftEDPRecoveryInput"
    4. Ask the person who locks and unlocks the device.

      Windows Credential Service automatically recovers previously revoked employee keys without error from the specified location RecoveryInput.

    Automatic Recovery Of Encryption Keys

    Starting with Windows 10 version 1709, WIP includes a data recovery feature that allows employees to automatically restore access to work data if the encryption key is messed up and files are no longer available. This usually happens when some great new employee restores an image of the operating system and removes a partition from it that erases key information, or simply when the device is reported lost and you mistakenly chose the wrong device to log out from. .

    To ensure that employees always have access to information, WIP creates an automatic recovery key that is backed up in their Azure Active Directory AD (Azure Identity).

    Employee practice is based on logging in usingUsing an Azure AD work account. An employee can:

  • Add your work account balance in Windows menu > Account Settings > Work or Class Access > Sign In.

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