Mo Bio Power Clean DNA Cleaning Kit Dissolution Tips

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Remove PCR inhibitors from purified DNA in just 7 minutes


  • Quickly purify problematic DNA in 7 minutes with an efficient secondary process.
  • Efficient
  • purification of nucleic acids from each contaminated output sample.


  • ready-to-use high-purity DNA for later use
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mo bio power clean dna cleanup kit

DNeasy Pro powerclean (50)

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To remove any PCR inhibitor from purified DNA in just minutes

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DNeasy PowerClean Cleanup Kit star is designed for molecular chemistry. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

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Product Detail

Instantly clean problematic DNA. The use of the optimized 7-minute DNeasy Pro powerclean protocol and therefore the deletion inhibitor technology offers researchers a new and exclusive method to purify previously isolated genomic DNA. Whether non-staining inhibitor or pretreated DNA, the DNeasy PowerClean Pro Cleanup Kit removes both color and inhibitors and/or substances such as humic acids, acids, polysaccharides, polyphenols, fluvoic acid lipids, and dyes from samples. ready for everythingfuture applications, including quantitative PCR and next generation sequencing.

The DNeasy PowerClean Pro Cleaning Kit works well with Aus DNA from any trusted source. DNA samples are combined with proprietary DNA purification reagents to remove inhibitors from Zu DNA solutions. Total DNA, including genomic total DNA, is determined using a silica membrane spin column. Washing and eluting the DNA from the spin column gives my DNA purified and ready for subsequent systems. The recovery percentage varies depending on the amount of In inhibitors in the DNA, which can affect the measurement of DNA recovery. We recommend DNA quantitation using PicoGreen analysis or DNA streak plating on gel, agarose to determine recovery Want to try this solution for the first time? a suggestion to check the article.

DNA purification with the DNeasy PowerClean Pro purification kit can be automated at the end of the Qiacube connection.

mo bio power clean dna cleanup kit

The DNeasy Pro powerclean cleaning kit has been officially sold through mo BIO as the PowerClean DNA Seasoned Pro cleaning kit.

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Figure 1. Other wonderful healthy DNA samples containing humic substances.

DNA samples may have been purified with DNeasy, PowerClean Pro Purification Kit, or Zymo Research OneStepTM PCR Inhibitor Kit. (A) The results were then evaluated as 1.2 with % new tae loading. (B) Direct comparison shows that when the samples processed with the DNeasy Pro powerclean kit were clear, the products treated with the OneStep kit remained in the brown color range, suggesting that some residual humic substances may be present. The original samples were brown, and the concentration seemed artificially high. Looking at ratios of 260/280 in addition to 260/230, the original sample had equally small ratios of both, indicating a reputation for pollutants, including humic substances. After the kit purification step, the DNeasy Pro purification ratio changed from 260/280 and then 260/230 to values ​​consistent with total natural DNA. The DNA concentration was minimized to an average value of 76.85 ng/µl. Samples cleaned with the OneStep Ratios 260/280 kit and remained 260/230 low.



Format Silica Spin Filter
Link Up to µg depending on drug
Size Range 60 Petroleum – 50 KB
Types of examples Processed Purified DNA
Storage temperature Store at room temperature (15-30°C)
Sample size Up to 100µl purifiedth DNA
Time of each run or preparation 7 minutes
Throughput _ngcontent-sc178=””>1-24 capacity


Download Qiagen product component SDS at.

DNA purification from previously isolated V1 genomic DNA

This protocol is suitable for the purification of nucleic acids in any source of samples containing complex harmful particles, including humic acids, heme, polysaccharides, polyphenols, fluvoacids, lipids and dyes, using the DNeasy PowerClean Kit pro.

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