How Do You Handle MySQL Error 1033 Bad Information?

Recently, some of our users reported to us that they received incorrect information about mysql error 1033. mysql sometimes gets an error like this when the time directory is not writable. Check Mon. find the tmpdir=/tmp flag in the cnf file. Verify that the value related to points to the correct temporary directory.

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Customers often leave their site due to a cough or severe disk failure

Here mysqldump can be used for any MySQL backup file copy database.

mysql error 1033 incorrect information

However, when backing up any database, you may encounter errors such as “mysqldump: Error: 1033: Invalid file information”.

This error occurs due to a corrupted engine, innodb, a corrupted MySQL database, and many other reasons.

At Bobcares, we frequently receive requests from our customers to fix mysqldump error: 1033 as part of our server management services enablement.

Today we’ll take a look at how our support engineers can troubleshoot the mysqldump error: got: info 1033: Invalid file used error.

Exact Causes And Restart Errors Related To Mysqldump

One of the best ways to protect important and vital files from sweatWhen the data is backed up. In fact, there is a utility for dumping a database, such as mysqldump. Another advantage of mysqldump is that the generated files have a very readable internal format.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 causes of mysqldump:1033 error and how our support engineers can fix it.

1. MySQL Engine Not Working


Web site visitors experienced mysqldump:1033 error because the direct output of the MySQL engine was not loaded on MySQL restart.

For example, in MySQL kernel innodb our support engineers run the mysql>SHOW ENGINES; command and get the correct result.

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Here, InnoDB has been disabled. From MySQL did this, Auto was not loaded when restarting mysql. Using the “lsof” command, our support engineers checked which processes were fully executed and which files were found on the server. We then captured the process that mysqld contains the lock file. So we killed it with kill -9 and then restarted MySQL.

2. Innodb Corruption

Based on our experience with servers, we have found that clients are experiencing an error with “mysqldump: Got 1033:” a: Done when backing up a database. The one related to the idea bug is corrupted by Innodb.

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study these types of errors carefully, while our support engineers fix them.

1. the main reason we originally connected to the server was to gain root user rights.

2. Then the consumers checked the current site and mysql found that the mysql service is not currently running on the internet computer. In the meantime, we continue our research, let’s lose weight. there are errors.


innodb: InnoDB tablespace corrupted.

3. Has a special option in innodb called “innodb_force_recovery” called. This can put MySQL in an unresponsive state and fix the corruption. However, often forced recovery can lead to dates of bereavement. Fortunately, in this case, any support engineer was able to restore the database after setting the innodb_force_recovery value to “1” with .And this problem wasdone.

3. Out Of Memory

Sometimes running out of memory can cause an error Got: “mysqldump: 1033:”.


Our support engineers then opened /etc/my.Cnf and changed the following specific settings.

max_connections = 2500query_cache_limit is 2Mquery_cache_size 150 MBtmp_table_size==200 equals MBmax_heap_table_size 300 = MBkey_buffer_size 300 MBtmpdir=/dev/shm
Restart mysqld service

[Getting error mysqldump: Got error: 1033:? We will remember. for you.]



Said that the error “mysqldump: error: 1033: invalid information in the file” may occur due to reasons such as malicious in the InnoDB engine corrupted and the MySQL database. Today we saw how support engineers fixed this error.

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Many people prefer to store numbers in MySQL because it uses tables to protect data The .frm offices are defined, while all the angular ones are defined by .frm offices. In MySQL, a .frm is a file that contains formatting information or template data for database data. However, the AND fields define the table structure of each MySQL relative to each other. However, each of our MySQL databases sometimes gets corrupted and fans cannot access the MySQL record. Damage can be caused by various reasons such as bugs, hardware fly, unexpected shutdown and system many more. If this happens, and the corrupted table contains a .frm file and erroneous information in addition to the file, you can generate the message “Invalid file error information: in ‘./able-name.frm'”. .In this .article, the

[Manual How To Methods] Fix Erroneous MySQL Error With Information In .frm File?

mysql error 1033 incorrect information

Below, I have described the best possible methods to easily handle mysql.File-Frm error information in such a simple way.

Solution 1: Repair Using Repair Instructions

Here are three tablespossible solutions to error 1033 Invalid (hy000): information in the file. Just follow the instructions below:

  • Steps to Repair a Corrupted Table Using the REPAIR TABLE Statement
  • Then you need to restore them directly from the backup.
  • Finally stop and copy the method
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