How To Handle Session Factory Of Spring Servlet?

Over the past few weeks, some readers have come across a bug in the spring Servlet Session Factory. This problem occurs for many reasons. Now we will discuss them.

I’m developing a Spring web application using Hibernate. I have created spring-dipatcher-servlet.xml for all configuration. I’m intending to access a database running in hibernate without creating an xml hibernate.cfg.File like this is how I use Spring. I am alone. mr. In exceptional cases, gets null access to the session factory in DAO.

The following are often snippets of what I have already done.

  quiz_mcq          Welcome.De htm                  spring-dispatcher          org.springframework.web.servlet.DispatcherServlet             spring-dispatcher       /  Version="1 


spring servlet session factory

refresh true
spring servlet session factory
@Controllerpublic class QuizMcqController    c  Customfriendship    @RequestMapping(value="/welcome.htm")    public ModelAndView forwardToLoginPage()        ModelAndView modelAndView = new model ModelAndView("login");        modelAndView; return    @RequestMapping(value="/AuthenticateUser.htm", selection = RequestMethod.POST)    manifest ModelAndView authenticationateUser(@RequestParam("username") String username, @RequestParam("password")String password)       User Service = new User Service ();       The boolean flag implies userService.authenticate(username, password);        if (flag)            ModelAndView modelAndView New = ModelAndView("login");            keep returning modelAndView;                different            ModelAndView modelAndView = new ModelAndView("false");            return modelAndView;            
public class UserService    user user;    UserDao dao;    public boolean authentication (username string, password string)        User = new User();        user.setUsername(username);        user.setPassword(password.toCharArray());      (dao si .authenticateUser(user))                    return the truth;               return false;    
@RepositoryThe public class UserDao implements IUser    @Autowired    Session Factory Session Factory;    public SessionFactory getSessionFagency()        Visit the SessionFactory again;        avoid public setSessionFactory(SessionFactory sessionFactory) equivalent to sessionFactory;        @Crush    clients boolean value authenticationUser(user-user)       String username = user.getUsername();        Security password char[] = user. get password();       System.out.println(username +" <----> "+password);       The string is hql "from user where username = 'username' and details = 'password';        Query Query = getSessionFactory().openSession().createQuery(hql);        list list new = ArrayList();        mailing list = request.list();      If (list.size() > 0 && list != null)            it uses true again;                visit your fake blog;    

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