Best Way To Fix Ndis System Windows Protection Error Problems

Sometimes your computer generates an error code indicating that the Windows system Protection error is ndis. This problem can have several causes. “NDIS cable box initialization: Windows security error” error message when installing Windows 95/98. Cause. This suggestion is caused by a timing delay in the Windows Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) driver. However, this issue does not occur on systems with a 2.1 GHz primary CPU.

When installing Windows 98 (First Edition/RTM/10/4/1998) along with various versions of Memphis Beta, you may receive the following error message:

When initializing an NDIS product:
Windows security error. To authorize them, you must restart your computer.

This oshibka is usually related to CPU speed and is described in this MSKB article:


What is Windows Protection Error?

Windows protection errors can be caused by a number of issues, including virtual driver issues, operating system registry corruption, driver conflicts, viruses, memory cache issues, faulty RAM (Random Access Memory), and a damaged motherboard. just to name a few issues.

For Windows 98, hotfix 312108USA8.EXE has been released, which, unfortunately, can be found here:


system ndis windows protection error

This guide will allow you to quickly solve this problem yourself and start installing your Windows 98/Memphis system.

There are usually two ways to fix the above error: fix it after it is discovered, anticipate it, or apply this fix before installation.

To accurately fix the error once it’s found:

Use WinZip, WinRAR, 7Zip, etc. to extract the NDIS.VXD file inside.

Place the extracted NDIS.VXD in the C:WINDOWSSYSTEM folder of your 98/Memphis installation and frequently replace the old NDIS.VXD or rename the old one, e.g. NDIS.OLD.Ancept

for an error or fix it before running SETUP:

Place the extracted NDIS.In vxd in the WIN98 installation folder along with 98 SETUP.EXE, WIN98_xx.CAB, etc.

Windows 98/Memphis SETUP automatically uses the updated file instead of getting the old version of the CAB.

It’s been tested so far which versions these have (everything I have)You are here at the moment):

I’ll add more copies that have been tested to work if I have more tests or feedback on other versions. If your company is testing this with a different version, please post your results here.

This error also applies to Windows 95. Solution for Windows 95 can be found here:…es-kaputt/




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  • 24.583 Close requested file… (see end of this post)

    If you are definitely installing Windows 95 or Windows 95 on a computer with a good processor running at 2.2 GHz (GHz) or faster, you may receive the following error message:

    Correct time calibration code in the Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) driver results in a large divisionto zero when the CPU is running at 2.2 GHz or higher. This issue does not occur with processors running at or below 2.1 GHz.

    Note. This file was originally packaged in a Microsoft ZIP file.

    Boot the target system in safe mode and run the executable. It replaces


    Once a fix has been created, subsequent changes may

    Object system properties, be careful NOT to let you override the fixed one

    The ndis.vxd file. If this file is replaced, you must re-run the patch.

    Note. The following text is an OEM text file included in the null file.

    To see the content of the article about updating the competency base, click here


    for the product and Q number of this update.

    1. If this patch was provided while using hfx.exe, it can be installed while running

    The right, title and income that enables you to use the Software. TO THE MAX


    system ndis windows protection error

    DFARS Technical Data and Computer Software Rights Statement

    Software must be accompanied by this statement and cannot be




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  • 2 old posts about manually extracted files in this thread have been removed. Could you please re-publish the deleted file, which I think is called 312108USA.EXE. I have searched for this and you seem to have found the Need i solution. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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  • Same… I have a P4 2.66 GHz device and I’m facing an NDIS error.

    but this file above cannot be found in such a forum…

    [secure email address]


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  • I am trying to upgrade my son to Windows 98 using a Pentium 4. I also need this update. Is there a way to send a thought to me? My machine is running at 2.66MHz.





    and always try available websites until you find a download, incausing stress.


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  • Thanks Tiger I found this and it works. You grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


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    Mr Mu

    How to fix Windows protection error Windows 98?

    Unzip your train.Before making any changes, run Windows 95 ScanDisk to troubleshoot disk problems.disable antivirus software; If your BIOS has automatic virus checking, remove it.

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  • People!!! I understand! Back in Win 98, when you enter safe mode, you have to consider your network card. However, the Microsoft update works to boot the system before you have to do it again. This fix is ​​final.



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  • Mr Mu, I only joined the forum to thank you. All your fixes were simple but effective, did what you suggested and finally got into the OS without going into safe mode. You are human.

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