Tips For Using The Golden Sun Debug Room

In recent days, some users have encountered an error message while using the golden sun debug room. This problem can occur for several reasons. Now we will discuss them.

Actually, Golden Sun only played this debug room in combination with cheat codes. The codes required to login are listed below.

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  • SKD.
  • A similar copy of Golden Sun.
  • Game Boy Advance Replay Promotion.
  • Codes required for successful login.
  • NOTE: These codes work ONLY in English.The language version of the radiance of the sun. All other versions contain other codes. If it’s not a high performance english version, search for alternative code on google.

    Repeat Promo Codes V1[]

    use debug room golden sun

    These are the codes that users received via Action Replay orYou may need to use Interact v1 Gameshark.

    • Must be on [M]
    • Debug Room 1
    • Debug room 2

    Action Replay Codes V3[]

    These codes only work with this version of Action Replay V3. improveYour action replay or Interact Gameshark in version 3,Go to If the delivery of yourAction Replay says “Game Boy Advance SP compatible offer.”and eat bykemons and Yu-Gi-Oh! Photos on it, before that was V3.

    Gameshark SP, Codebreaker[]

    These codes work with GameShark SP, CodeBreaker,or Explorer. SP Gameshark made by MadCatz and is different from Interact Gameshark. All threeThe instruments here are accurate, it should be noted. codes!

    Must be enabled
    00009B1A 000A
    100036E6 0007
    Debugging Room 1
    32000400 00C7
    32000408 00C7
    Debug room 00C8
    32000408 2
    32000400 00C8

    Download codes, and specifically only one of the debug codesDiscount codes for rooms. Once you have decided which ones to use,Click “Start” and type “game”.The logo will appear, swipe the current switch up GSA.leftists who destroy laws. Upload yourSave with absolute peace of mind because you have a place with zero cost savings. turnNow enable Action Replay by moving the slide switch toRight. Walk through the door, any door and look insideadmire the absolute splendor. Sprites some on blackContext.


    Additional debug room background 1

    Thisthe least occupied room at the moment. There’s the newest manlooks like it’s from Lalivero, pink statueand what will appear will be an enlarged sprite inside the catlick his paws. Be able to talk to a cat, everyone says so”Marker increase. A – 1 VP. ST – 5 VP.” This particular one does what it says. the RoseThe statue gives you any in-game item andalso provides a description that specifies and is optionalGaia Blade IE Traits – Attack +135,Earth Strength +20, Earth Resistance +20. Usually this is the onlyWay to get Dummy Sol Blade, Masamune andKusanagi. Sun blade and longsword Are MasamuneItems that can be equipped by both Isaac and Gareth. AnotherOne of them, Kusanagi, should be equipped with a lightblade.Isaac, Gareth and Ivan. To talk to a lalivier manhe describes various psychonergies. But laterIf you talk to him, the game freezes.

    Moving north from Revelations, we discover a second phenomenon.Emoji bubbles on the screen are good results.One of them has a displeased face, the other will probably have a “…”. BothFaces say “I won’tto deal with you, but I won’t goif he has business. I would go, it would be Tolby andwatch Colloso. I would.” Come onNorth comes from this rather strange statue, whichis divided into two. Some of them are behind the scenes. Talk to himdisplays the cosmetic icons used by the characterGame by pressing symbols. Scrolling through the icons will show you Jerra’s name behind Gareth’s family, although those are probably not the real names. Starting with Tret, each list becomes imperfect. Under the namecharacter refers to the character type in which the next line operates. ImageThe third accompanies the image of “Lorber” to the text.from Laurel to Nyunpa and so on. There is one moreFelix’s image is not used in the game! young Felix,along with young Isaac, young Gareth Young and Jenna.

    Debug room 2 extra background

    This might be the biggest room. It is important to note that when you enter, the rank of your group may change (30 for all followers, except for Isaac, who leaves 50 times). There are different charactersUsing the game here will affect the ones listed below;

    use debug room golden sun

    U Gareth’s affirmations should help you level up, but they don’t.

    Jenna – Gives durable materials. Mostly a lot of weapons, then armor.

    Ivan: You provide various necessary consumables such as herbs, lucky peppers, and mints.

    Kraden: Shows how much items cost when you buy them in the shop.

    Saturos Says (left) – “The body is damaged.” Drains HP from an entire group or individual and inflicts various ailments on the victim.

    Menardi – Gives you Treasures. Most of these are usually items that cannot be placed or traded, so avoiding them is recommended.

    Saturos (right) – for a little reason: “Kyle says… can they stop the boulder?”

    If you’re in one of the two debug rooms, it’s generally recommended to do so in an empty slot rather than your original save, as the debug room could potentially corrupt your information. Therefore, it is recommended to make backup copies.

    Ispolzovat Komnatu Otladki Zolotoe Solnce
    디버그 룸 골든 선 사용
    Utiliser Le Soleil D Or De La Salle De Debogage
    Gebruik Debug Room Gouden Zon
    Uzyj Zlotego Slonca W Pokoju Debugowania
    Verwenden Sie Den Debug Raum Goldene Sonne
    Usar La Sala De Depuracion Golden Sun
    Anvand Debug Room Golden Sun
    Use A Sala De Depuracao Golden Sun
    Usa La Stanza Di Debug Golden Sun