How Do You Deal With Windows 7 Service Error 1079?

This user guide is designed to help you when you receive windows 7 services error 1079.

How do I know if event log is running?

Start services to check if some of the Windows Event Service logs are open or stopped. and msc press Enter to open the Service Manager. Right-click again while in the Windows Event Service log and look at the item’s properties.

This next article will help you fix error 1079, which occurs when certain services lose startup money for a Safe 7 Windows machine.

Applies to Windows: 7 SP1, Windows Server 2012 R2
Original KB number: 2478117


One or more of the following may not run on a trusted Windows 7 computer:

  • Windows is running (W32Time)
  • Windows current events log (event log)
  • Windows Firewall (MpsSvc)
  • In addition, when you try to start the platform manually, you may receive an error about the target group:

    Error 1079: The account specified for this service is different from the account specified for other service providers running in the same process


    Usage starts with the local system account, not the local service account (NT AUTHORITYLocalService). The local system account may not have sufficient permissions to run the service.


    Configure the startup service for all subservices under the NT AUTHORITYLocalService deep account.

    1. Select Start, Source Services.msc in the program’s Search in Additional Files box, then press Enter”. And
    2. Search double click Windows Firewall Service.
    3. Select the Connection tab.
    4. In the This story A text box, enter nt Authoritylocalservice.
    5. Make both password fields empty together. Apply,
    6. Select and click OK.
    7. Repeat the steps for this base filter engine service.
    8. Restart both services.

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    Windows Event Log Error Messages

    How do I fix error 1079?

    select Start, type services.Locate and/or double-click the Windows Firewall service.Select the Connection tab.For the text This account, enter NT AUTHORITYLocalService.Leave the two password fields blank.Select Apply, then select OK. TheseRepeat the steps for the Base Filtering Engine service.

    windows 7 services error 1079

    Windows Event Viewer may display the phone error message “The event log service is unavailable. Please make sure the service is running” only a specific message [(en image in English only]).
    When the Event Viewer log service starts, the message was displayed error message: “Windows may not be running the event summary log service on the local computer. Error 1079: The account specified for this valuable service is different from the financial account specified for other services runninghere in the same (duplicate image process [English only]).

    Figure Service 1: event log is not available. Make sure the service is managed.2:
    Figure You cannot start Windows when the Windows Event Log service is connected to the local computer. Error 1079. register

    To solve the problem, you need to change Windows. Editing the In registry in the objectname Windows registry can fix service startup error 1079 even if you change the login account for that service. As a result, the Windows Event Log service needs to be restarted.

    windows 7 services error 1079

    This solution requires changing the registration windows. Dell may offer to back up the registry before Windows makes any changes to the registry. For more information on this issue, see this support article

    Here is microsoft how you can set up and repair Windows related registry again.

    Edit The Registry And Start The Windows Event Log Service

    1. Click the Start button on the taskbar and the search box option regedit.
    2. In

    3. click “Regedit Listed” at the very bottom of “Program” amma”.
    4. The

    5. Registry Editor will open. Navigate next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetserviceseventlog:.
    6. Make sure the event log folder is checked out. In the panel, double-click the mouse’s ObjectName.
    7. In the Get Value field, type: AUTHORITYLocalService and click OK.
    8. Close the registry editor and restart your computer.

    Windows 8.1

    1. Use the icon bar to search for regedit.
    2. Click to open regedit.
    3. The registry editor

    4. will open. Reverse path: au Follow HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetserviceseventlog.
    5. Make sure the Eventlog folder is highlighted. Double-click the ObjectName on the right.
    6. You

    7. enter the following in the Data field from AUTHORITYLocalService value: nt and click OK.
    8. Close the registry editor and restart all computers.

    After restarting the engine, the problem with the Windows Event Log will be resolved and you will frequently open the Windows Event Viewer; However, if you continue to receive the error shortly after making changes to the registry, try successfully manually restarting the Windows Event Log solutions.

    How do I fix my Bluetooth Service error?

    update the bluetooth driver.Run the latest Hardware Troubleshooter.Set up the Bluetooth Support Service.put your Bluetooth smartphone into discoverable mode.Install the best and latest an SFC and Dism scan via.Create a new employee account. You

    To manually start the Windows Event Service log, do the following:


    1. click the new start button on the taskbar and Services search for .msc.
    2. “Services”,

    3. Click located under the main programs listed.
    4. Windows Services

    5. which will open. To find the Windows Event Log service in the list, scroll down and click its name.
    6. Right click and mouse select “Fire” from the context menu. The status will change it and you will be able to open the services window locally.

    Windows 8.1

    1. Open the charms bar and find Services.msc.
    2. Click on Services to open them.
    3. Windows Services

    4. which will open. Scroll to see the Windows Log Event Service in the To list and highlight it by clicking the name.