How To Fix Windows Mobile Task Manager Application Error

If you have noticed the windows Mobile Task Manager app, the following article should help you.

Ok, this is very tricky, if you’re a serious Windows 10 enthusiast, chances are you know how to bring up the task manager on a decent desktop computer. But what about mobile? It turns out that Windows Mobile 10 has an accessible, hidden, browser-based task management UI. Just know how to do it if you can! So, you are looking for malware that is draining your phone battery, so try thisfrom a little-known troubleshooting technique…


I’ve noticed that the following only shows one of your clients, can’t find rogue apps or even kill the process. But at least you’ll try to figure out what’s wrong so you can optimize or remove the most appropriate app.

1. You Go To Settings

2. You Select “For Developers” And Turn On “Developer Alert Mode”

Ignore on first activation!

3. “Turn Device Discovery” And “Device Portal”

You are enabling the operating system’s hidden web API…

4. Enable “Authentication”

I’m not sure, this step is awesome, but it seems to be recommended! There is no actual passcode to enter as you are on the phone itself and of course already logged in/unlocked.

5. Navigate To And Edge Enter The URL “”

6. We All Click On The Little Hyperlinks “Next”

Ignore text referring to “not recommended” – almost everything is 100% safe, everything always happens on your no phone,known criminals are not involved!

7. Connect Lumia To Itself (!)

Is Windows Mobile still a thing?

The company previously stopped releasing new versions of Windows Mobile 10, and Redstone 2 released the latest major update to Windows Mobile 10. Users will still be able to create automatic or manual backups of apps and settings up to Ma.

Navigate (usually press and hold up for full access) and under “Discover Devices” press “Pair”.

Enter the exact text string of the PIN (write this tool as you can’t copy, you can paste, etc.)

8. To Return To Edge And Enter Your PIN

Is there a Microsoft tasks app?

To complete Microsoft 365 tasks on the go, you can definitely use the Microsoft To Do mobile app for IOS Android or.

9. Change Your Phone To Landscape Me, Mode

Believe me, you will see a lot more like in the screenshots here! But even on the large screen of the Lumia XL 950, not everything is visible, mind you.

windows mobile task manager app

The first utility is the Application Manager, which displays a drop-down list of running applications that manage CPU usage. It’s a little bit primitive, we need something much more detailed, so…

10. Tap The Running Processes


Can Windows 10 Mobile run desktop apps?

But Azure RemoteAPP is also coming to windows 10 and Mobile Continuum for phones with the Anniversary Update. And it will likely work just like it does with the Windows desktop theme, allowing you to launch desktop/Win32 apps—remotely—from a Windows screen and a phone connected to Continuum.

It’s pretty close to the task manager on the Then desktop. Process ID, Usage, CPU Only, and (if you swipe left after them) “working set” on RAM commitments so you can also see Possibility to memorize pigs:

Ok, there’s nothing to delete here, but I’m sure it will help with troubleshooting.

11. Press “performance”

Now we’re really going crazy with real-time graphs that graphically display CPU, I/O, RAM, GPU, and multilevel usage!

He’s pretty fun to play with when you have a free moment. You

If you’re dealing with a paranoid by nature, please note that you should theoretically go through this and then disable “Developer” mode in the settings. But I’ve had problems with the Lumia 950 XL for months without studying, so don’t worry too much!

PS. In theory, you can see everything behind it in any desktop browser webpage, if that’s possible, you should successfully access the web address listed under Device Portal. However, modern browsers (Chrome, and safari, etc.) have become so secure that such an insecure “connection” can be blocked from trying. But,maybe worth a try if you have niche other windows. Notably, the Edge W10M is not dated and “open” enough that you can rule it out as a security issue, as we did here!!

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